The second phase of this project is to upscale the implementation in partnership with 4 Motion from Luxembourg and Ofensiva Tinerilor from Romania who will pilot the PeaceJam Europe Compassion in Action curriculum, each in 6 schools from January 2019 to December 2020, reaching a minimum of 120 pupils and 18 teachers. They will assist the teachers in their work and facilitate the workshops and trainings in order to get the work started. They will follow a training for teachers planned for October 2018 in Belgium and to participate to one of national Youth Conferences.

They will also contribute to the European partnership in order to adapt the programme to the European context and help to implement a peer to peer version of the curriculum.
4 Motion and Ofensiva Tinerilor will use the first year of the project (January 2018- January 2019) to recruit schools and youth organisations to step into the programme and organise a training session for teachers in October 2019. They will follow the good practices of EPTO, PeaceJam UK, and PeaceJam Greece in recruiting a minimum of 6 schools each to pilot the project. As both organisations have a large network of schools and youth organisations already, the minimum target of 6 schools each will easily be achieved. From January 2019 to June 2019 both 4 Motion and Ofensiva Tinerilor will pilot some of the chapters of the curriculum and run pre-tests and post-tests with the 120 pupils they will work with. The 18 teachers will evaluate the curriculum. In this way Romania and Luxembourg will enrich the perspective on making the curriculum fit for purpose for a European audience.

Then they will start Piloting the revised curriculum, Rolling out the full pilot from September 2019 to December 2020 in 12 schools, 4 Motion and Ofensiva Tinerilor’s schools will benefit from the newly revised curriculum, now fit for purpose for a European target group of secondary school pupils.