Who Are We?

The aim of EIMAI NEOS is to empower youth in Greece with transformative experiential opportunities to cultivate their distinct leadership potential with the 21st century skills, humanistic values, intercultural awareness, and advocacy tools to navigate through the complexities of the world & their life as citizen leaders with integrity and purpose. Our youth leadership development services address Self-School-Society. Our primary affiliation that accomplishes these goals is PeaceJam. We established under EIMAI NEOS– PeaceJam Greece– to establish the PeaceJam program in schools, universities and community centers to the region of Greece. We are a non-profit organization that works entirely on volunteer efforts with 12 primary volunteer staff, 24 seasonal volunteers/consultants and 20 university mentors.

We have been focused on establishing 10 PeaceJam schools, conducting workshops on infusing this peace education program to: public & private schools, English language schools, and foreign communities.

Our experience as teachers, university instructors and psychologists working in Greek private, IB and international schools during the last 15 years in Greece and implementing PJ during the last several years has given us tremendous tools to work with local and refugee youth to empower them to improve the major challenges in Greek society: increase in poverty & social exclusion, hate crimes & vandalism, refugee migration and cultural “mis-understanding”, rise in political extremism , corruption, “brain drain”-economic migration of Greek youth abroad, and social injustice.

What We'll Do

In order to promote PeaceJam in Greece, we will train teachers and college mentors and facilitate the needs of schools to build sustainable PeaceJam programs. Our staff of 12 will be responsible for promoting PJ, updating the website & social media and communicating the needs of schools so they can be supported. College mentors will be facilitating monthly PJ workshops to participating schools to mentor youth and their community service projects. The financial management will be supported by the EIMAI NEOS operations officer in collaboration with our accountant who works primarily with large non-profits and social entrepreneurships to oversee the complex requirements of Greek tax law and legal documentation of financial activities.


ElMAl NEOS-Center For Emerging Young Leaders & PeaceJam Greece
official registration No- 142538701001
Apostolopoulou 64, Halandri, Greece, 15321
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Represented by: Ellen Froutsis

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