Peer education is a “non-formal learning process that gives empowerment, confidence
and independence to young people whatever their background”. Peer education
happens when young people carry out informal or organised activities with their peers,
over a period of time, to develop their knowledge, skills, beliefs and attitudes enabling
them to be responsible for themselves and others and to create a space where they can
feel well, safe and respected. For 20 years, EPTO is using the methodology of peer
training to engage with youth in tackling social issues affecting them directly.

Peer education rests on the idea that “young people are the experts on their own lives
and are therefore the best starting point in any learning process. Peer education enables youth to deal effectively with problems that affect them. The process can be partly social; thereby establishing forums for young people to explore new frontiers; helping to solve problems; and letting people in positions of authority gain a better understanding of the point of view of youth. We believe that the methodology of peer education combined with the “Compassion in Action” curriculum could support youth in developing amazing potential and become really skilled activists in peace building in Europe.