The management and quality assurance (QA) of the proposal will be provided both by each of the partners in the Consortium individually and collectively by a Steering Committee composed of representatives of all partners in the Consortium. The Committee will adopt all operational plans for implementation of the project such as outlined in the Work Breakdown Schedule, with the lead partner centrally managing, coordinating and monitoring the project and overseeing decision making processes.

The lead partner (EPTO) will coordinate management and QA activities under WP1 and will facilitate the Steering Committee supported by PeaceJam UK who will ensure quality of contents.

The Lead Partner in liaison with the Steering Committee will conduct the internal management/monitoring of the project from the perspective of the management, coordination, content of activities, and communication amongst partners, decision-making processes, risk assessment and efficient spending. Bi-annual internal monitoring reports will be prepared and compiled based on inputs from all workpackage lead partners, based on online surveys and interviews. Within each workpackage, lead partners will have responsibility for ensuring timely implementation and smooth coordination of partners involved as well as submitting the information and data needed for monitoring.