Who Are We?

The CED-Group trains and advises professionals in education and child care. Together with practical environments, we develop innovative educational products. That is what we do. What makes us unique is our passion for education, education that provides children with opportunities. But most of all, we are proud of our results. Because at the CED-Group, we go for results: if with our help, professionals can succeed in bringing out the best in children, we have really achieved something.

The CED-Group helps education facilities and child care to innovate and focuses on the growth of employees in the workplace. We supervise, support, train and coach professionals in education in themes such as language, mathematics, didactic methods, learning achievements, result-oriented work methods, social skills and appropriate education. The CED-Group also develops methods and curriculums. The organisation develops educational products and services based on evidence-based principles and always in collaboration with practical environments.

What We'll Do

Our goal is to disseminate the PeaceJam curriculum and program throughout the Netherlands. We hope to use our contacts and experience to spread the curriculum to various schools and students and contribute to the expansion of the project overall.


CED Groep
Dwerggras 30
3068 PC Rotterdam, The Nederlands

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