In Romania, the curriculum will be piloted in at least 6 schools. The Directorate for Education from the Arad county has already showed interest in the initiative, so part of the schools will be from this region, but there is also requests from other schools from the country (mainly Bucharest area). Apart from the typical curriculum, we will also use our “Non-formal education for teachers” accredited training programme, to help them achieve a better understanding of the approach we are proposing.

Furthermore, we will also be exploring the typical peer-to-peer approach that we are usually working with, having young people facilitate the learning process for their colleagues.

In Luxembourg, 4 motion is implementing PeaceJam, coordinating the work between EPTO, the PeaceJam Foundation, the University of Luxembourg and the school(s), which are the important actors for implementing PeaceJam in Luxembourg. We accompany schools, assist the teachers in their work and facilitate the workshops and trainings.

4motion is also contributing to the European partnership in order to adapt the programme to the European context and to develop a peer to peer version of the curriculum.