Who Are We?

“Ofensiva Tinerilor” Association was founded in 2004 by a team of dedicated youth workers, with the mission of offering young people accessible educational opportunities that would help them achieve their full potential.

Since 2014 we have been a member of the European Peer Training Organization, sharing a common vision: “People enjoy learning from each other how to embrace their differences and realize their unique potential”. In the spirit of this vision, we have implemented several peer-education programmes on various topics such as diversity and anti-discrimination, religious diversity, gender equality, and inner-diversity.

An essential element of our work is the European cooperation and exchange as a means of supporting persons belonging to different backgrounds to embrace cultural diversity, understand the common European values, and develop responsibility in the community. Many of our initiatives are organised in cooperation with international partners with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme and different pilot calls of the European Commission.

Given our mission, one of the important target groups we are addressing is persons belonging to vulnerable groups, who are often excluded and face important barriers in achieving their full potential. We especially focus on youngsters with mental disabilities, visual impairments, refugees/asylum seekers, minorities and the ones coming from rural areas.

For all of our results in the field of European cooperation and promotion of European values, the “European Institute of Romania” awarded us in December 2017 the “Excellence Award for the promotion of European spirit and values”.

What We'll Do

Starting in 2019, Ofensiva Tinerilor will pilot the PeaceJam curriculum in Romania with the assistance of EPTO and the PeaceJam foundation. We look to develop partnerships with schools and universities; organize annual events, teacher trainings; and support teachers in the implementation of the PeaceJam curriculum in their schools. We will also support the participation of Romanian youngsters in different PeaceJam conferences.

We also look to collaborate with EPTO in designing a peer training programme for Romania based on the “Compassion in Action” curriculum. We will start by training peer trainers from two schools and supporting them in developing and facilitating workshops.


PeaceJam Romania

This week our project was featured in the Romanian newspaper Actualități Arad, giving visibility...

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Ofensiva Tinerilor will be starting their part in 2019. Look back here for updates on trainings!

Youth Conferences

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