Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Mentoring Youth to Build an Inclusive Europe

With the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

The PeaceJam Compassion in Action Curriculum was created to combat Europe’s challenges with extremism, division, radicalization and exclusion. This curriculum realizes the vision of the EU’s Paris Declaration social inclusion transformation vision, by inspiring young people and changing the context of the communities and schools where young people live and work.

We plan to work with 890 diverse, disadvantaged, and at risk of radicalization pupils from 39 schools. To do this, we will work with 147 teachers in communities across the EU who will pilot, evaluate, and adapt a proven curriculum for creating inclusive communities that has been implemented in 39 countries for 20 years.

The curriculum is based on the lives of the Nobel Laureates who work with the PeaceJam Foundation. Through peer-mentoring events, the Nobel Laureates inspire young people in life-changing ways by embedding mutual respect and intercultural dialogue to combat all forms of discrimination.

What is our goal? We hope to disseminate and scale up the project to reach 4500 pupils in 120 schools by working with 480 teachers in 3 years. We hope to motivate young people to participate in the One Billion Acts of Peace program and become stronger leaders and promote inclusion in their communities and the world around them.

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