Final Day – PeaceJam Pan-European Youth Conference

It was Panel Discussions and Workshops all day today before our final Family Groups and Closing Ceremony. So many fantastic moments, inspiration and examples of real youth leadership, it’s difficult to squeeze these past 5 days in to a words…

EDUCATION Q&A with Gemma Perkins, Dimitra Mousioli, Franck Laurant, Georgiana Moldoveanu & Idriss Assoumanou

“young people are looking for more purpose in their work. I believe social entrepreneurship is the way we can answer to the needs of the young generations”

“a big change of online education, which complements the formal system, is that we can learn computer sciences online for free. I find this quite amazing, as even if it doesn’t build your soft skills, it still allows student to access a complementary education.”

“schools are fantastic places to learn, but there’s so much more out there, and you have the power to go look for opportunities. Work out what skills you want and go and get them”


Migration Workshop: “Equal-access for refugees”

Syeda Batool has experienced life as an asylum seeker, having moved from Pakistan to the UK. Her and several other young refugees and asylum seekers shared their experiences and challenged participants to think about how they would confront different issues and decisions. 

Syeda Batool:

“Without equal access to education, there is a loss of talent among refugee youth and asylum seekers. Access to higher education, health and housing can change everything!”


EQUALITY WORKSHOP – “Storytelling as a tool for peace building” with Rumbi Mukoyi (African Youth Rise)


“I believe that story telling gives people a voice, when others hear your story, even though they may not have shared the same experience, they may be inspired to contribute to  change. “


EDUCATION WORKSHOP – “Rethinking the future of education” with Gemma Perkins

Gemma Perkins:

“The real world is not in subjects”


ENVIRONMENT Q&A with with Stylianos (Stelios) Theodosopoulos, Eveline Seghers, Dr Mya-Rose Craig & Elis Smits

Dr. Mya Rose Craig:

“Any little thing you can do matters. Going out, making your voice heard, attending protests and signing petitions are all important.”


MIGRATION Q&A with Shwetal Shah, Amirhossein Mousavi, Waj Syed, Natasha Chilambo & Hameed Ale

Natasha Chilambo:

“I’m making changes that reflect the intersectional world we live in.”


Finally, we leave you with the Closing Ceremony… Until next time PeaceJammers!