Education workshops will take place on Wednesday, 11th November at 15:45-16:30 UK / 16:45-17:30 CET  and again on Sunday, 15th November 13:45-14:30 UK / 14:45 – 15:30 CET 

Idriss will be talking about his work using film as a powerful tool to talk about but, most importantly, find solutions for some of the biggest social problems locally, nationally and globally. Learn how you can explore using film to promote and develop some of your own projects and events. 


Gemma Perkins is an educator specialising in self-leadership, teamwork, personal development and wellbeing training. She firmly believes in learning through play in order to develop practical skills and to encourage self-reflection. This workshop aims to explore how we are outgrowing ‘traditional’ education methods and need to shift to investigative and project-based learning to prepare young people for the future of work and society. It is clear that the most important skills for students to develop are creativity, collaboration and being self-motivated when it comes to learning. This session is interactive and will give you the chance to discuss ideas and learning opportunities that would work for you. 


  • Five minutes of Here and Now for digital learners (EN) with Georgiana Moldoveanu & Aurelia Frincu – Teacher/ “Game Changers Campina”

Georgiana and Aurelia are both teachers and alongside their teaching, they encourage students to get involved in volunteering activities. The more students engage in volunteering, the more they develop, the more they know and develop. This workshop will explore how to integrate volunteering experience into teaching and learning and using non-formal education tools in state schools. The workshop will involve games, discussions and an introduction to the importance of volunteering alongside studying.


  • Peer Mediation: Resolving your conflicts and creating a happy, safe school (GR) with Dimitra Mousioli, Mediator of Greek Ministry of Justice

We will explore Peer or School-based mediation both in Greece and the UK and look at ways to resolve conflicts at home and at school. 


  • Met zelfvertrouwen voor publiek spreken! (Speak to the public with confidence!) (NL) with Reinout Bosman

Close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine that you are going to give a presentation to a really big group of people. How do you feel? You may become very nervous or you may find it exciting in a healthy way. During this workshop, we will discuss what you can do in those situations. How do you deal with “stage fright” and nervousness? And how can you include the audience in your story in a calm and powerful way?



Equality workshops will take place Thursday, 12th November at 15:45-16:30 UK / 16:45-17:30 CET and again on Sunday, 15th November.

  • Diversity and anti-discrimination (FR) with Cathy Del Rizzo, EPTO 

Peer training and anti-bias methods to combat all forms of discrimination based on the ADL-A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute peer training programme



  • Choosing Peace after The Troubles in Northern Ireland* (EN) with The Foundation for Forgiveness and Reconciliation (FFR)



Environment workshops will take place Thursday, 12th November at 15:45-16:30 UK / 16:45-17:30 CET and again on Sunday, 15th November at 14:45-15:30 UK / 15:45-16:30 CET.

  • #TakingClimate (FR) with Giulia Marz

An interactive workshop helping people have constructive and interesting conversations about climate change all around the world. Giving practical tips on how to raise these conversations in your circle of influence and change the conversation into action.


  • Forest Protection Workshop (GR) with Stelios Theodosopoulos

In this workshop the Greek Forest Protection Volunteering group will explain in detail and answer questions on how we can help protect the forests and wildlife through our everyday actions. There will also be many young members of the volunteering group that will share their stories on how they started volunteering and how they combined it with their work or their studies.




  • Shift Your Reality- A Lesson in Mindfulness (EN) with Kubra Ozguvenec

“My journey from chemistry to alchemy has brought lots of joy and fulfillment into my life. As a scientist, the healing techniques helped me to uncover and transmute my wounds, heal my body and emotions. Over a decade, doing all those self-work showed me two very important points; We create our own reality and, secondly, Science and spirituality collaborate.” This workshop will involve sharing this implication with the souls who want to recognize their self-worth and how the universe talks to them to live a happier life with ease and joy.



more workshops coming soon…