Georgiana Moldoveanu

I’ve been an English teacher for 9 years and a volunteer since high school. With the students I am teaching now we formed an Informal Initiative Group “Game Changers Campina”. Our goal is to organize activities with and for the youth in our town. The European Solidarity Corps funded our idea so, along with 82 students we organized a City Hunt, a running event, a conference and six workshops only in the last twelve months.

I participated in 9 Erasmus Youth Exchanges, 4 Erasmus Training Courses, several English Language Educational Conferences and dozens of workshops. I am coordinating the ESC project with the informal initiative group and there is also
an Erasmus for school partnership project that I am implementing in my high school.

I love my job and what I have discovered in the recent years is that the more I get the students I am teaching involved in volunteering activities, the more they develop, the more they know and grow.

Integrating volunteering experience in teaching and using non-formal education tools in state schools are the topics I also talked about as a speaker at “Brighten up your teaching” the National English Conference in October 2019, Timisoara, Romania.

Campina, Prahova, Romania


Join Georgiana Moldoveanu at the Education Q&A taking place Sunday, 15th November at 10:45-11:30 UK / 11:45-12:30 CET.

Georgiana will also be facilitating the “Five minutes of Here and Now for digital learners” workshop together with Aurelia Frincu on Wednesday, 11th November and Sunday, 15th November.  Find out more on the workshops page.

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