PeaceJam UK aims to expand into Scotland where it will undertake the
same process of mapping out curricular materials against the Scottish education requirements. PeaceJam UK is in discussion with the Church of Scotland and the Catholic Church in Scotland to insert PeaceJam into the core curricula and teaching of the schools that they govern. This micro-level approach (school by school) and meso-level approach (influencing networks of schools, either at regional level, or nationally) is an effective way to get stakeholder buy in and demonstrate the power of PeaceJam. The
ultimate aim is to develop the evidence base to also approach higher level education authorities (Secretary of Education in Scotland and Ministry of Education for England and Wales).

PeaceJam Belgium aims to learn from the good practices conducted by PeaceJam UK who have made such headway in effecting policy changes at meso level in England and Wales.

EIMAI NEOS will continue this work and plans to increase contacts with the Minister of Education and Deputy Mayor of Athens involved in citizen engagement to support the PeaceJam initiative and to pass PeaceJam into approved programmes for use in public schools. EIAMAI NEOS also has the endorsement of UNESCO Greece.