1. The Compassion in Action Curriculum

The schools for this project are going to pilot PeaceJam’s Compassion in Action Curriculum, which is already being implemented in 39 countries over the world. The curriculum was adapted to a European target group of 12-18 year olds through the efforts in 2016 by the PeaceJam UK organisation who actualised it to European realities such as the refugee crisis and immigration issues and the Learning for Well Being Foundation who integrated elements of its learning for well being framework to enhance welll being and personal development. The Curriculum is designed to create inclusive communities through service learning based on Education, Inspiration, Action.

2. Starting up with an established network of schools in 4 EU countries

Four of the core partners to this project, EPTO, PeaceJam UK, EIMAI and the Learning for Well Being Foundation; have – in the running up the start of this project, established a network of 47 schools and youth organisations who have committed themselves to pilot the Compassion in Action Curriculum in 4 EU countries: Belgium, The United Kingdom, Greece and The Netherlands.

3. Organising training day for new teachers and new schools

We plan to organise one teacher training event per partner country to accommodate new schools and to have the possibility to train more teachers for schools that have Title of the project / Acronym Page 58 of 114 committed already. The recruitment of more schools will continue throughout the project.

4. Setting up internal communication systems for schools and partners

We will establish a database for schools and youth organisations participating in this project, set up a website for partners and schools and set up a Dropbox listing all WP’s and other important project information including the internal monitoring tool for partners.

5. Printed Material and Translations

Part of the preparation of participant schools will be to make sure printed curricula are available in the local languages, that the online training and online support is clear and ready for everyone to use and that schools can find each other via our website and through a dedicated database.

Targets for Schools, Teachers and Pupils per Country

CountryNumber of schools already in PeaceJamTarget number of schoolsNumber of puplis in PeaceJamTarget number of pupilsNumber of teachersTarget number of teachers
The Netherlands22060400430