The project has 7 main phases as is outlined in the Work packages and schematically reflected in the budget and the Logical Framework matrix. A template for a more detailed Work breakdown schedule has been set up by the Lead Partner (EPTO) and for each Work Package a thorough planning has been set up and is logged and managed by EPTO’s project coordinator and the project’s Quality Assurance person. In this way it is clear for each of the partners, what for each of the objective, key milestones and outputs in each of the WPs, will be the Activities, Outputs, Partners involved; Partner responsible ; Quality Assurance Contact Comments, Timing; Start date, Due date; Real time achieved; Estimated Amount of Grant used, Risk, Quality indicators and Approval by Steering Committee Date. This is a very efficient project planning and log tool that keeps everyone on target for timing, resources and work achieved.

There are several work packages for this project:

  • WP1 the Project Management and Quality Assurance Plan, with as a main
    deliverable the setting up of the management of the project with all project partners
  • WP2 Consolidating a European network of Schools to start implementing a pilot on the PeaceJam Europe Programme, with as main deliverable a school network of 47 schools ready to implement the pilot.
  • WP3 Piloting the Compassion in Action Curriculum in Belgium, Greece, The United Kingdom and The Netherlands with as main deliverables the evaluation of the pilot, the
    7 Youth conferences and the revision of the Curriculum to make it fit for purpose to be upscaled in all EU Member States.
  • WP4 Piloting a Peer training programme using PJ curriculum « Compassion in Action », with as main deliverable training 16-18 year olds to be peer trainers for PeaceJam – introducing non-formal learning methodologies into this Programme (which is the core business of the Lead – EPTO).
  • WP5 Upscaling to Romania and Luxembourg piloting the PeaceJam Europe Compassion in Action curriculum, with as main deliverable to introduce PJ to 12 schools and 120 pupils in Lux and Romania.
  • WP6 Bringing PeaceJam Evaluation Data to bear on National Education systems, with as main deliverable upscaling PeaceJam to the policy level by producing and printing a How to Guide for dissemination.
  • WP7 the crown on all the work, where we will disseminate the project results as widely as we can through the many stakeholders and networks we have and with all possible
    communications means as described in detail in all the Work Packages but mostly in WP7.