Who Are We?

Established in 2006, PeaceJam UK is an affiliate of the PeaceJam Foundation and uses the experiences and stories of 14 Nobel Peace Prize winners, to inspire and empower young people to make positive change in themselves, their communities and in the world. PeaceJam achieves this through engaging students aged 5-25 in schools, youth groups and Universities around the UK, through our model: inspiration, education and action.

Inspiration is provided through the examples of and direct contact at the annual youth conferences with 14 Nobel Peace Laureates who have achieved the advancement of peace in adverse conditions. We also run one-day events, known as PeaceJam Slams, to introduce young people to PeaceJam. These can be run in a school or a community space. Education is delivered through our comprehensive curricular which covers power, privilege, social justice, human rights and conflict resolution. Action is taken through PeaceJam’s 1 Billion Acts of Peace campaign, whereby young people: decide which issues are most pressing to them; research the root causes of these issues, and tackle issues through their social change projects.

To date, 3,500 young people participate in the PeaceJam programme every year in the UK. We have run eleven high-energy, interactive youth conferences, each with a different Nobel Laureate, with around 250 young people between 13-18, plus University mentors and volunteers, teachers and youth leaders. A total of 72 schools and youth groups have implemented our curriculum, and 1,200 million acts of peace projects have been produced by young people in the UK.

What We'll Do

Our resources have been used very successfully with a range of young people, from those struggling to engage with school to the most academic. The materials have been designed by a former teacher, for teachers and educationalists. Each lesson plan has been carefully mapped to show how it meets UK educational standards, with different learning outcomes by ability range in the class, and handy worksheets you can print out or photocopy. They can be used in core lessons (such as RE), or in lunchtime and after- school clubs, or drop-down days. The materials are accompanied by a one- day of training to support teachers with the implementation of the curriculum.

Students at our partner universities are given the opportunity to train as a mentor for PeaceJam conferences. A PeaceJam Mentor helps us by facilitating small groups of younger students, working intensively with participating teenagers, leading groups discussions, projects and workshops. Mentors are paired up to create the space and energy to ensure that all participants feel welcomes and safe to engage in challenging discussions based on peace, conflict resolution, and human rights. Prior to the conference, Mentors receive training to develop their leadership, facilitation and other transferable skills which provides great experience to add to their CV and increases their employability.

PeaceJam UK is committed to increasing the level of PeaceJam programming by supporting our partners in creating chapters in their respective countries, to create a stronger PeaceJam network in Europe.


FREE Compassion in Action Curriculum & Online Training 
The training will take place online over the course of two, one a half hour sessions and will focus on how to:

  • Introduce the programme
  • Facilitate activities
  • Take action through PeaceJam’s 1 Billion Acts of Peace campaign

Part 1: Wednesday 15 July, 4:00-5:30pm

Part 2: Wednesday 22 July, 4:00-5:30pm

*Teachers and youth group leaders must attend both parts of the training

Youth Conferences

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