PeaceJam Europe becomes an Erasmus+ co-funded project!

From December 2017, PeaceJam was officially recognized as one  of the recipients of the European Commission’s funds to support education, training, and youth in Europe. With the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, PeaceJam started its journey to inspire and mobilize youth in Luxembourg, Belgium, Greece, the UK, Romania, and the Netherlands and adapt the Compassion in Action educational curriculum to the European reality.

By keeping in mind the principles and values embodied in the EU’S Paris Declaration, we will work with the  PeaceJam Compassion in Action Curriculum  to fight Europe’s challenges with extremism,  radicalization and exclusion. By using the positive example of 14 Nobel Peace Prize winners, we want to inspire young people to mobilize their talents and resources to bring positive change to the communities where they live.

With the support of our partners in Europe – EPTO (Belgium), 4Motion (Luxembourg), Ofensiva Tinerilor (Romania), Amo Relience (Belgium), PeaceJam UK, EIMAI (Greece), and CED Groep (the Netherlands), we aim to reach  4800 pupils, and especially those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds who are at risk of radicalization.

Through peer-mentoring events, youth conferences and ad-hoc trainings, the lives of Nobel Laureates can inspire young people in life-changing ways by embedding mutual respect and intercultural dialogue to combat all forms of discrimination.

With the support of the Erasmus+ Programme, we hope to motivate young Europeans to participate in the One Billion Acts of Peace Campaign and develop their own projects to inspire meaningful change in their society.