PeaceJam Peer Training in Brussels

Thanks to the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, and as part of  PeaceJam Youth Programme for an Inclusive Europe, EPTO and its partners developed a new peer  training programme for group leaders who wish to create inclusive communities through positive  youth development. Building upon the powerful methodology of peer training, it fosters  young people’s core competences from altruism and compassion, to action and engagement  and helps youth value diversity and create inclusive communities.

In order to fully explore this comprehensive programme passing from awareness-raising to  taking action, and leading to a certification in the EPTO network, 6- day training took place last week, 7-12 September, in Brussels, Belgium.

The training course aimed at fostering youth engagement and youth leadership by equipping the participants with facilitation, training and coaching tools to make systemic social change for a more inclusive society. This included:

● Developing skills in training, facilitation and coaching for social inclusion, more specifically to build on young people’s capacity to deliver PeaceJam award-winning curriculum “Compassion in Action”;
● Enhancing participants’ understanding of peace education, service-learning and youth-led social change through a holistic and experiential approach, in particular by training participants on PeaceJam curriculum “Compassion in Action”;
● Providing young people with tools for individual and common action for change, including intercultural dialogue, compassionate leadership, building inclusive and cohesive communities;
● Establishing a sustainable cooperation between participants to implement common activities aiming to build (cohesive) infrastructures of peace within and outside of their inclusive communities.

The participants will now continue the programme by completing 12 hours of practise and carrying out a self-assessment after which they will be PEER CERTIFIED under EPTO’s certification process receiving Level 2 Certification.

We wish the participants success in their practice sessions and look forward to sharing their journey with you!