PeaceJam Peer Training Programme for Mentors

As part of the project, EPTO and its partners have developed a new peer training programme for group leaders who wish to create inclusive communities through positive youth development. Building upon the  powerful methodology of peer training, it fosters young people’s core competences from altruism and compassion, to action and engagement and helps youth value diversity and create inclusive communities.

In order to fully explore this comprehensive program passing from awareness-raising to taking action, and leading to certification in the EPTO network, EPTO manager Cathy Del Rizzo and PeaceJam Europe Coordinator Marie Cucurella have been preparing a 6-day PeaceJam Peer Training Programme for Mentors. The preparation meetings have been conducted via zoom while the training programme itself we hope to do in person this autumn. We will be sharing more information about the Peer Training Programme for Mentors with you soon.