Ready, Steady, Go!

Today we kicked-off our PeaceJam Pan-European Online Youth Conference!

We were greeted by PeaceJam Mentors and Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams, with their heartfelt welcoming messages.

The day continued with a Q&A session with The Rt Hon Stuart Lawrence and Lavinya Stennet, followed by workshops on the themes of Equality, Environment and Migration. Next we joined Mindfulness and Wellness Sessions of Yoga and Hand-Pan closing Day #1 with Family Groups. As our first time organising such a conference with so many diverse sessions, we understandably had a few technical glitches along the way, but we will have these resolved in time for #Day 2! See you there!

Lauren: “We learned the power of breaks to support learning and how art, yoga, and music throughout the day can help clear our minds. We got into teams and played a quiz online! Then we listened to classical music, relaxed our minds, and doodled.”

Ahmad: “reading is good for self reflection!”  “my power is optimism and I think It very contagious and so spreads across a group” 

Voula: “I learned how to appreciate arts more”  

Amir: “I learned many new things from, thank you!” 

Yoga with YogiOli to relax and unwind before Family groups.