Who Are We?

AMO Reliance (Aide en Milieu Ouvert) is a youth assistance service for young people aged 0 to 18. Our job is to do individual follow-ups (listening, coaching, reorientation) and to carry out projects with young people. We provide private help for free at the request of the young person and/or his or her family. AMO Reliance carries out prevention work on various issues such as harassment, inclusion, etc in regional schools. It is with this knowledge that we are able to bolster the PeaceJam project’s efforts.

What We'll Do

We, along with a dozen young people, will be participating in the PeaceJam Belgium Conference with Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakkol Karman at KU Leuven on October 20 and 21st.

Leading up to the conference, we will be doing residential training during the Autumn holidays from October 29 to November 2. During this training, young people we previously trained in August will animate the various exercises that we created through our curriculum.

Malicia and Emilie trained 13 young people in the PeaceJam 13 Youth Training Program from August 6 to 10, 2018. Of the 13 young people trained, 10 want to continue with the project by becoming trainers themselves, carrying out acts of peace, and taking part in the PeaceJam conference in October.

Normally we should implant PeaceJam in a secondary school in Visé. Two hours of
awareness will be organized during the month of October. Registration of young people for training will be on a voluntary basis. We hope some teachers and educators are also
involved in the project including providing one-off PeaceJam exercises in their classrooms. ??????


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On June 19, EPTO organized a 3-hour PeaceJam youth workshop with 30 youth and 5 teachers from the Netherlands. This workshop introduced these students to the PeaceJam organization by working through some of the “Compassion in Action” activities and discussing some of the Nobel Laureates. These students were also introduced to the upcoming conference in Belgium and urged to attend. The youth really enjoyed the various activities and discussions on peace and the project idea brainstorming. Overall, the event was a success and the students left with more awareness about peace and how they can implement inclusion in their everyday lives.

Youth Conferences

AMO Reliance will be participating in the Belgian Youth Conference at KU Leuven on February 23 and 24th!


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